An interesting article released by the British Government’s National Cyber Security Center.

Here are some of our key takes aways that we always try and educate our clients on:

  • Change the default username / password on all new devices during your setup process.
  • Where possible setup and use Multifactor / 2 Factor Authentication
  • Keep your devices software / firmware up to date, this will ensure when security vulnerabilities that are found get fixed.

We recommend using a password manager to create and store secure passwords for every site and account you have.

The concept is simple, you use one strong password to login to your password manager then you let it create the rest of your password.

Using a password manager creates unique, strong passwords that are unique to each site or account you have, this means if one service gets compromised you rest assured that you haven’t used that password for any other site or service.

We use LastPass internally and recommend it to all our clients.

If you’re looking at securing your online presence, or want to discuss your IT security needs drop your contact details below and one of our consultants will get in touch.

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