Recently we were engaged by a client moving to a newly built property in Regional Victoria.

The only option for home internet was NBN Satitile (even the mobile service is bad), which people who have experience with know that it’s a love hate relationship.

Our client isn’t a fan of cables so they were after a fully wireless solution to keep everything tidy.

We completed a site survey on the property and found that they could utilise a 4G network, but the signal strength outside the property was average at best, let alone having a router sitting in the living room.

We installed a high gain antenna on the roof with a built 4G Modem which has been certified to use in that area.

This high gain antenna has a signal strength of up to 5 times that of your average home wireless router.

To keep in line with the clients wireless everywhere request we also installed 5 ceiling mounted access points in the roof.

Initially the client was getting on average 5Mbps download speed, after installing the high gain antenna they are now averaging above 50Mbps in peak periods.

Click the link below and we’ll get in touch with more details and options

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